Our Company


Our Company


The history of the company GEORGE CHIRAS AND SONS SA begins several years ago, in 1969, when the company was founded. At first, it was a sole proprietorship and in a very short period of time managed to become one of the lead production and export units of Northern Greece. GEORGE CHIRAS & SONS SA has become a byword for quality and its products have great appeal for both Greece and abroad.


Guided by femininity, our collection is inspired by the new trends that dominate the catwalks internationally, with our main concern being the manufacture of comfortable clothes that can be worn throughout the day. By laying emphasis on the quality of raw materials, the collection fully meets the needs of modern women as well as the needs of our days for sustainability, having included in our collection sustainable fabrics.

Business activity

Manufacturing and distribution of ready-to-wear knit clothing for men, women and children.

Production section

Designing – cutting – sewing – quality control – packing


T-shirts, sports wear, brands such as adidas, reebok.


Clothing made from circular and flat knitting machines.

Associated countries

Germany, France, Austria, England, Holland, New Zealand, Switzerland, U.S.A.