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Rap Battle: Legal Edition

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Yo, listen up, let me school ya on the Edward Law Committee

They’re promoting legal advocacy and reform, that’s the dream

And if you’re into FSBO, don’t sweat it, I got ya covered

Here’s a link to FSBO contracts free, no need to be bothered

Now let’s talk about the roadkill laws in Virginia, it’s a wild ride

Understanding the rules will keep you on the right side

For my peeps in Dubai, stay informed with the latest legal happenings

Check out the legal events in Dubai, knowledge is power, no cappings

Looking for the cheapest highway legal motorcycle for your ride

I got you covered, no need to hide

Shout out to Salford Uni Law, expert legal education and resources

They’ll set you up for success, no need to have the blues

For my folks looking into citizenship in Spanish requirements

Eligibility in 2022, it’s all about meeting the covenants

Hit up Legal and General Chicago for expert legal services in the windy city

They’ll have your back, no need to show pity

And don’t forget about legal aid IOM, free legal help advice for Isle of Man residents

They’ll guide you through, no need to feel hesitant

Finally, know your STD confidentiality laws, protect your privacy rights

Understanding the legalities is key, no need for fights

That’s all for now, hope this legal rap battle got you hyped

Stay informed, stay legal, no need to feel stripped