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Rhymes of Legal Times

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Yo, yo, listen up, let me lay it out straight,
Got some legal info that just can’t wait,
From Twin Cities Christian Legal Aid,
Helpin’ the community, don’t be afraid.

Need to change your date of birth,
On all your docs, show what you’re worth?
Well, here’s a guide that’ll help you through,
Makin’ it easy, with no hullabaloo.

How ’bout registerin’ a business in GA,
There’s a step-by-step guide to show the way,
Gettin’ your company off the ground,
With all the legal info to be found.

If you’re in Waterloo, Iowa, and need legal aid,
There’s a place for you that’s got it made,
Iowa Legal Aid is the name,
Free assistance that’ll douse the legal flame.

Wonderin’ if left-hand drive’s legal in the UK?
Find out here, don’t delay,
All the laws you need to know,
Drive legally, stay out of the legal show.

Contract acquisition specialist salary’s what you seek?
This guide has the info, don’t be meek,
Know the salary and job outlook too,
So you can make the right move, and know what to do.

Scott Air Force Base legal office’s got your back,
Expert assistance for you, that’s a fact,
Whatever you need, they’ll lend a hand,
Legal help that’ll help you stand.

Lease laws in Quebec got you confused?
This guide’ll help you, won’t leave you bemused,
Understand your rights and responsibilities,
Legal knowledge that’s oh so necessary.

Want to know the advantages of incorporating your company?
Legal insights and benefits, so fine and dandy,
Get the lowdown, make the right choice,
Legal awareness will give you a strong voice.

Macy’s legal department’s there for your biz,
Expert services to handle legal whiz,
Whatever you need, they got your back,
Legal help that’ll keep you on track.